Doodhsagar Falls, A 3- streamed waterfall in Goa

Doodhsagar Waterfall

Doodhsagar Waterfall in Sonaulim, Goa

Doodhsagar Waterfall (Lake of Milk) is located in Sonaulim which is 75 km from Calangute, 60 km from state capital city Panaji and 40 km from Ponda. It is 80 km south of Belagavi. We can go to Collem by whichever means of transport e.g. train, bus, hired cab. We can even rent taxi, bike or scooter in Goa to go Collem. Two wheeler is the better option as one can get off the traffic areas in a much quicker and easier way.

The most safest and advisable way to go to the base of the waterfall is from Collem. Collem is the starting point to embark on your jeep journey to Doodhsagar. No private vehicles are allowed beyond this point to go to Colllem. So park your vehicle in paid parking as that is considered to be the safest for the safety of your belongings left behind in the vehicle or for the safety of the vehicle itself. Inquire with local people for the shared jeep service which will take you to waterfall. I cost you some money for the shared jeep service with a guide, life jacket and entry fee. The distance the jeep covers is 10-12 km.

Doodhsagar has a height of approx 310 meter (1017 feet) making it one of the tallest waterfalls in the state of Goa.

If someone is wondering why to choose a falls trip over other options e.g. Night Clubs or famous happening beaches, it remains a choice then to take a call on but it’s really breathtaking, captivating and full of adventure.

The last jeep from Collem leaves at 4 pm and the visit timings are till 5:30 in the evening. The jeep ride is though Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary so they charge us Rs 50/- per person as an entry fee. It is advisable to go on Tuesday or Thursday as foreign tourists are lesser in numbers. Numbers of Jeep rides per day is somewhere near 200. Carrying 7 tourists in one round.

It takes 45 minutes to reach to the entry point of Dudhsagar by jeep. It is quite bumpy as the jeep goes through two patches of river. Yes, astonishing right ! two river crossing. There are high chances of the jeep getting submerge in water if proper care is not taken. After reaching the entry point, its a 10 minutes rocky walk to the bottom of the waterfalls. Monkeys dwell in this area in abundance, so be extra cautious of anything being snatched away from the hand or other part of the body to be more precise. To conclude, the 45 minutes ride from Collem to the waterfall is thrilling and full of adventure. Especially this becomes a fun as you get to see animals like Deer, Monkeys, Beautiful Birds and some special species of animals. Upon arrival, you would witness a much awaited mesmerizing view of the waterfalls. It’s quite captivating and enthralling. The place is little crowded but never mind the scenic beauty will make everything enjoyable. One can make the trip chilling and indelible by spending good quality time enjoying the view.

Please carry eatables as no eating or drinking option is there near the falls. Washroom facilities are there. Falls trips are closed during monsoon so one can plan a trip just after the monsoon or somewhere near mid October or so on till the start of the monsoon. Still if somebody feels adventurous, trekking from Castlerock railway station is the only option. This is not advisable and on someone’s own peril.

Wish everybody a happy and safe Trip to Dudhsagar !

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